How do I get my dog to obey me? cat and dogs - cat and dogs


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How do I get my dog to obey me? cat and dogs

How do I get my dog to obey me? cat and dogs

How do I get my dog to obey me?

How do I get my dog to obey me? cat and dogs

Dogs are pets and are useful to humans in many areas, some of which are used for guarding, some are used for hunting, guarding sheep and cattle, or tow carts, and although dogs vary in shape and size, 

they all belong to the dog family. In addition to dogs: wolves, foxes, and jackals, the pet dogs are the descendants of wolves that roamed Europe, Asia, and North America, and have been domesticated 

for more than 14,000 years, becoming known as domesticated dogs.
Dogs are distinguished from other animals: the first is their close association with humans;

Dog breeds

How do I get my dog to obey me? cat and dogs

 There are more than 300 known breeds of dogs in the world, which can be divided into seven basic groups depending on the purpose of their breeding, these groups are:

Dogs of dens

They're dogs raised to hunt mice and rats. 
Like a Norwegian dog, which is active and has a sharp sense of smell. 

Unsportsmanlike dogs

They are dogs with a lovely personality, such as Lhasa Abso's dog.

Working dogs

Like the St. Bernard's dog, these dogs are characterized by sharp intelligence and the ability to perform certain functions, such as guarding, pulling sleds, and rescue. 

Blood dogs

It includes a group of small dogs, such as a Maltese dog. Cattle dogs: These dogs are used to drive cattle and guard pasture animals, such as Australian shepherd dogs. 

Sports dogs

Like Poynter's dogs, these dogs are used for hunting.

Dog needs

How do I get my dog to obey me? cat and dogs

 Basic dog needs must be provided at home, which is


 Dogs one year or older need one or more meals a day, or two small meals, with meals balanced, dogs can be fed soups, canned food, cheese, cooked eggs, fruits and vegetables, and dogs can be fed from human food, but in limited amounts, because they cause obesity, bone and tooth problems,

Dogs should avoid drinking alcohol
 Avocados, loaves of bread, drinks containing caffeine, chocolate, garlic, onions, grapes or raisins.

Exercise and games

 Dogs need to be active and mobile to burn calories, maintain health, avoid boredom that leads to bad behaviors, and playing games respond to many of the dog's instinctive motivations, such as digging, chopping, chewing, and stalking.


 Dogs don't need to bathe more than a few times a year, and the brush can be used to comb their hair, and a special comb to clean it from fleas and ticks.

A quiet, warm and comfortable place

 In addition to a cage or a special place to sleep with blankets, to protect it from the cold, a food dish, a pot of drinking, chewing toys, a collar, and a leash. With care for health care by the veterinarian and taking vaccines on time.

Ways to train dogs to obey

How do I get my dog to obey me? cat and dogs

 You should start training puppies in good behavior and skills early, and set general rules for the dog to abide by, such as not sitting on furniture, not tampering with things, obeying orders, and following the following steps.

Give the dog a specific name 

When the dog is given a clear specific name, the name must be repeated more than once during play or training, and if the dog responds when calling him by his name, he must be commended and given a reward, and the name can be used later to draw his attention, to be given other orders.

Reward quickly when responding to orders

 The dog must be rewarded quickly when he or she responds to orders, in order to enhance the desired behavior, and maybe a small candy bar, chicken breasts, rummy meat, or any kind of food that can 

be quickly devoured so that the dog's attention is not distracted, or it can be raised and courted, and given the opportunity to play.

Streetwalking training

 The dog should be trained to walk next to his master, and not to get away from it, where the trainer grabs the dog from the collar and moves it forward, and if the dog pulls the basket, you should not 

take any further steps until the dog comes alongside The trainer, who focuses his attention on him, and the dog must be rewarded and praised when he responds to the change of direction and walks 

adjacent to his trainer, and a specific word can be used, such as: Come on, let us, to make the dog walk alongside his master.

Call response training 

Come in a clear voice, attract the dog's attention to a game, or by filtering, and when the dog responds to the summons must be rewarded, and a reward must be repeated, and the order must be 

repeated in different areas, such as public gardens, to train the dog to respond despite the presence of distractions, and to give him a reward every time he responds to the call.

Seating training 

To train the dog to sit down, the dog must be in a standing position, then the trainer utters the word "sit clearly and quietly" and only once, then pulls the chain down a little bit, presses the back of the 

dog, to sit on the floor, and then immediately turns it If the dog does not respond to the order to sit first, the rude order must not be repeated again, but the dog must step forward and walk so that the dog can respond to the order the first time.

Training to lie down 

A toy can be used, placed on the ground between the dog's front feet, to encourage him to lie down, and can be trained to do so by taking down the outstretched hand, using the word lie, and giving him 

a reward when executing the order directly, and later the reward can be delayed a little to accustom The dog is staying on a lie for longer, and if the dog moves out of place to receive the reward, it 

should not be offered to him, until he returns to the lie-down position, in order to make the dog understand that the trainer wants him to continue in this situation, as long as he does not receive an order Another.

He ignored the dog when he bit his owner. 

How do I get my dog to obey me? cat and dogs

The dog should be ignored if the dog bites while playing, to teach him that biting is finished playing time, so this behavior must be stopped, and the dog can be deprived of the things he loves if he misbehaves, and return it to him again if he returns to good behavior.

Waiting training

 At the entrance to the house, the dog must be trained to wait at the doorstep when his master comes out, and this is done by holding the dog from the steering wheel and out of the house, giving the dog 

the order wait, and if the dog tries to get out of the door, the steering wheel must be used to stop moving forward, to understand that he is required to wait, and the dog must be given a reward when
obeying the order directly, and then the dog is ordered to move afterward. 

Need-eliminating training

 In a specific place is chosen to be used as a dog toilet outside the house, then the trainer begins to walk around the area with a specific word of choice to form a link between the word and the need, 

and a reward must be given to the dog and his courtship if He spent his time in the designated place, and if the dog doesn't want to take it, you have to try again in 20 minutes, and a bell can be used and 

knocked every time the dog has a need, and in time the dog will learn to ring the bell himself if he needs to use the toilet His own.

Prevent chewing house belongings 

How do I get my dog to obey me? cat and dogs

And destroy them must give the dog chewing toys when he starts chewing things at home, say the word no or leave in a firm tone, then court the dog and give him a reward if he starts chewing his toys

 and leave the things he was chewing, and with the repeated this training will leave the dog usually chewing possessions, and content with his chewing games.


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