How to Learn Fierce Dogs (No. 2) | cat and dogs - cat and dogs


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How to Learn Fierce Dogs (No. 2) | cat and dogs

How to Learn Fierce Dogs (No. 2) | cat and dogs

How to Learn Fierce Dogs (No. 2)

How to Learn Fierce Dogs (No. 2) | cat and dogs

 Various tips for kennel

At the beginning of the exercises and before the dog has mastered the exercises, care must be taken not to contradict the rules. If a rule is set for the dog, he must adhere to it at all times and do not 

ignore the matter if the dog violates one of the times. It is not advised to offer a lot of compassion to fierce dogs and to provide rewards and food to dogs without reason, so it is advised to reward him 

when achieving exercises and exercises in an elaborate manner and good behavior, as this causes the dog to do good every time to greed for the reward. Some experts also recommend that attention be 

paid to do exercises for regular periods, and doing exercises that help the dog to get rid of the pent-up energy inside it so that it does not become aggressive. Make him use his mind.

 The language of dialogue between a person and a dog must be created with the aim of creating a way of understanding between the individual and his dog, and this language is the one that determines the

 time of attack or submission, so all the trainers must teach the dog the meaning of the word (attack). The dog is ready for this after reaching 4 months, especially when seeing any small animal, to be this 

reaction every time. When the matter is repeated more than once, the dog's natural reaction becomes the attack if he sees the object that provokes him, or even when he hears the word (attack). And his 

ferocity may reach the tenth month if he trained a lot on this matter to the point of killing, but the trainer must be careful when the dog reaches this degree of ferocity, as he must remain obedient to the instructions of the trainer, and not go out of control.

Uses ferocious dogs

How to Learn Fierce Dogs (No. 2) | cat and dogs

 Fierce police dogs are used to assist the police in their work on several missions in the search of bags, locations of explosions, and crimes. It is also used to defend a specific character. Dogs possess 

220 active sensory cells to do their work quickly, effectively, and precisely. The German Shepherd is one of the most used species in the police to fulfill its owner, and its intelligence is to carry out the 

required tasks quickly and effectively. The German Shepherd is a medium-sized dog used to track down criminals and detect drugs because of its strong sense of smell, and it is easy to train for human obedience. The German Shepherd is considered one of the best detective types ever.

The most dangerous and fiercest types of dogs

How to Learn Fierce Dogs (No. 2) | cat and dogs

 The dog is a Shepherd, Ruddlers, and Ruddwillers. Two of these dogs are sufficient to eliminate a tiger. The pitbull, which is a small dog, is considered a ferocious and very harmful dog with strong

 muscles and the pitbull is classified in many categories as the most violent of all. There is the Root Filler type that is used to guard the very important figures of politicians and artists, but if it is not 

trained well it could become very dangerous. The type of Siberian Husky common in Russia that looks like a wolf in shape has a very strong bite that may be fatal, but they are very loyal animals that

 live among family members without harming them. There are also many types of dogs known to be fiercely ferocious, such as the Alaskan frog, the Doberman, the Chow Chow, the Great Dan, Saint Bernard, and the Dalmatian.


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