How to raise small dogs? | cat and dogs - cat and dogs


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How to raise small dogs? | cat and dogs

How to raise small dogs? | cat and dogs

How to raise small dogs?

How to raise small dogs? | cat and dogs

Small dogs need special care, care, and attention, as they need a lot of food in order for the growth to complete in a proper way, and for its entire fur to grow and strengthen its strength, just as it needs 

rest, sleep, and pampering, as well as fun, play and fun to learn and discover its environment. Whatever the dog breed varies, its need remains for special breeding, attention, and care, each 

according to its type and needs. Among the most important methods that must be taken into account in dog breeding are the following:

 Read about the quality of the dog

 What a person wants to acquire, knowing its characteristics, its nature, the type of strain it belongs to, the diseases it is exposed to, as well as knowing its full history.

Learn the basics of dog breeding

How to raise small dogs? | cat and dogs

Or search and read about it to begin teaching her puppy and be patient during it, especially if the dog lives in the same house, and the beginning with it is to give him some simple instructions and 

important exercises, such as not barking unless he sees a stranger, and does not sit on the bed or sofa, and go at the time Determined to eliminate his need to get used to these foundations and become part

 of his daily life. The stage of habituation is usually in the smallness of the dog (which is a puppy), which is the most basic and difficult stage in training these animals, and after passing it, the dog maintains the habits that he acquired for most of his life.

All family members must be informed

How to raise small dogs? | cat and dogs

 On the foundations and training that the dog owner began teaching her to the little puppy to deal with everyone according to these rules so that things do not mix with the dog, which leads to its 

disorganization and the lack of knowledge of the health of the system that was trained on it, and this is very essential; It may spoil the whole mission of training.

 Introduce morale for the puppy

How to raise small dogs? | cat and dogs

 And reward him every time he did something in the right way, and that is by providing food to him and raising him or caressing him, and it is better to moderate his reward, one time every few days so that the rewards do not become a habit and daily behavior.

 He took the dog to the parks to see people

 The dogs themselves love the gatherings and hate the unit, as they consider the home in which they live as part of these gatherings.

 Doing a physical activity with the dog

 Like walking with him or playing and having fun; These organisms have large energy that exceeds the human energy several times over, and neglecting this point makes them feel lonely and bored, so they tend to bark and aggression.

 Mental Activation Of The Puppy

How to raise small dogs? | cat and dogs

 Among the important things that keep boredom and routine away, dogs have the ability to acquire many skills in dealing with people, such as trying to seek help with something, searching for a purpose, or performing sports and games.

 Accustom the dog to stay home

Be alone for a few hours, but be careful not to prolong the period the dog will spend on his own so that he does not tend to be fierce and aggressive.

It helps build a small hut for the dog

 Accustoming him to sleep in it gives him a place so that he is not always indoors, and the dog gets used to sleeping at certain times, eating at allotted times when his food container located near his house is filled.

Words of rejection must be clarified

And the prohibition of the dog until he understands it and remains clear to him when the need arises to use it, and it can be used to a sign by hand indicating to him the rejection of what he is doing or is used as a form of reprimand, which makes him refrain from his work.

Perform regular and complete dog checks

 Inspecting his health, taking care of his cleanliness and outward appearance, and giving him special vaccinations with a specialized veterinarian, and such care may be expensive, so it can be sufficient 

to perform it once every year, for example, but if symptoms of illness or change in the dog's health appear, he must be taken to a veterinarian immediately...


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