The world's largest dogs | cat and dogs - cat and dogs


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The world's largest dogs | cat and dogs

The world's largest dogs | cat and dogs

The world's largest dogs

The largest dogs in the world have been known for the larger dog breeds by their strength and ferocity and their ability to withstand the hardships of work, and this encouraged many people to 

acquire the larger dogs in order to guard and protect the home and family members from potential thieves and predators, in addition to using them in some works such as skiing carts, Cattle guarding, and hunting. Below are some of the world's largest dogs and an illustration of their uses.

Great Danish dog

The world's largest dogs | cat and dogs

 The name of the great Danish dog fits perfectly with its shape, as the characteristics of the Danish dog are limited to its very large size for other dogs as it also has a beautiful and elegant exterior that 

gives it a royal and luxurious appearance in addition to its courage, enthusiasm, and friendly nature in dealing with those around it from humans, As for the first breeds of this dog are German origin, 

which was crossbred with the Mastiffs from Ireland and England to produce this huge and long breed of dogs, where the great Danish dog has long and thin legs that made him the tallest dogs in the world.

Mastiff of Naples

The world's largest dogs | cat and dogs

Mastiffs are known to be one of the largest dogs by weight and size, and the origins of this breed of dogs go back to southern Italy where they were tamed and used in guarding, and its huge size helped 

in removing thieves and predators from the facilities that were used to guard them, where the length ranges from 26 inches until 30 inches, while his weight ranges between 60 kg to 70 kg, in addition to

 his high skills to sneak behind and intruders and hackers instead of barking and howling to frighten them and keep them away.

Scottish deer dog

The world's largest dogs | cat and dogs

 The Scottish deer dog has its origins in Scotland, where it belongs to the list of dogs that are long and thin, which contributed greatly to its use in hunting deer in particular, due to its high speed in 

attacking prey and its ability to put it down and motion without motion, while its height ranges between 28 inches to 30 One inch and weighs about 50 kg, and the deer dog is not used in escorting 

due to its friendly and kind nature with everyone who comes into contact with them from humans and animals, except in some cases where he is subjected to provocation and attack from other animals.

Irish wolfhound

The world's largest dogs | cat and dogs

 This type of dog has been known to be used in hunting wolves for hundreds of years in Ireland, and it is one of the large and tall dogs, with a height of 34 inches while the weight of an adult is limited to 50 kg. It is also widely used in hunting and guarding.

 St. Brand Dog

The world's largest dogs | cat and dogs

This dog has been cross-breeding and developed in Switzerland, due to their need for a large and powerful type of dog to participate in the rescue and tracing operations in the Alps. This dog reaches a height of 36 inches, while the weight of an adult reaches about 120 kg.


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