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4 Tips For Picking the Right Dog Training School

4 Tips For Picking the Right Dog Training School

4 Tips For Picking the Right Dog Training School

Choose the Training Type

Group Classes, Boot Camps, In House Training, or even Skype chats - there is every type of dog training you might need under the sun. Consider the benefits and drawbacks. With in house dog

training, the obvious advantage is that you will get more personal attention. If your dog has some socialization issues, in-home training won't be as effective as group dog training classes, where both

you and your fido can learn to be around other dogs and work around so many tempting distractions. If you want your dog to get the experience of full immersion, then a dog training camp will be the

best option. Whereas, if your budget is tight, online dog training might be the solution you are looking for. Deciding on the type of training you need will make the task of finding a good dog training school way easier.

Watch a Class Before You Sign Up

4 Tips For Picking the Right Dog Training School

Once you picked a class or a training school, take some time to come to one of the training sessions, and just observe. Pay attention to the following:

  • How big is the class size and whether you will be getting enough attention,
  • If puppies and adult dogs are trained separately,
  • How many levels do the classes have (basic, intermediate, advanced),
  • How the trainer interacts with the dogs,
  • How dogs react to the training,
  • Whether everyone seems to be having fun and enjoying the process.

If you ticked all the checkboxes here, and are comfortable with the environment, you have found a good candidate.

Don't Forget About Vaccinations

Safety first! Make sure your dog is properly vaccinated before you start any dog training and get the green light from your vet. Next, ensure that the training school requires every dog to be vaccinated

 and is asking for proof. This way you can rest assured that the safety aspect of your training is covered.

Ask About the Follow Up

4 Tips For Picking the Right Dog Training School

Now, what happens after you have completed the course? Do you get a lifetime membership and can come any time for future "tune-ups", or are follow up visits limited? Maybe there are no follow up

visits in case a problem does arise. Make sure to ask the school or the trainer about what happens once you are done with their program.

Great, you are all set for the dog training school of your dreams. Now, we are introducing you to the 10 hidden gem schools with 5-star Yelp ratings that specialize in the type of dog training you are looking for. Go ahead and find the one for you!


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