All You Need To Know About CATS ( part 4 ) - cat and dogs


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All You Need To Know About CATS ( part 4 )

All You Need To Know About CATS ( part 4 )

All You Need To Know About CATS ( part 4 )


Most housecats, although they are much safer inside, tend to be underactive and overweight. Cats, like dogs and human beings, benefit from exercises and being active, both mentally & physically.

So, you need to get our cat up and moving, and there is no better way to persuade out their natural instinct to stalk and hound prey than charming them with cat toys.

Top Toys

All You Need To Know About CATS ( part 4 )


  • Pounce is an innovative cat toy that provides the final in interactive play for your cat. It is an electronic mouse that acts like prey but never stops running.


  • The dart toy is designed to engage your feline companion in enthusiastic play. It consists of rotating circular laser patterns that your cat stalks and chases for hours.


  • Be prepared for pouncing, jumping, chasing, and maybe even the sporadic half-twist somersault. The Twitch is an amazing bouncing feather teaser toy that constantly plays with your cat even if you are away.


  • The bolt is an interactive cat toy that plays with your cat, instead of the other way round. It is an automatic laser toy that will have your cat bouncing off the wall.

Why Buy Cat Toys?

  • They help you build a close relationship with your cat
  • It helps relieve a cat's boredom and stress
  • It is a good way of exercising your cat
  • Cat toys help improve your cat's blood circulation
  • They build muscle tone and prevent/reduce behavioral problems



The first few days of a kitten's life are vital in helping it feel safe and contented around the people caring for him. Regular handling and comforting words at the kitten's early stage increases the

chances of it becoming a loving, well-balanced cat. This is also the perfect time to make sure that it does not associate human hands with play toys. Let it play with toys and set aside your hands for holding.

Genetic Factors

Breeding and genetics play a role in your cat's temperament. Of course, your cat does not have to be a pure-bred to be an aristocrat in its manners. A good disposition is not elite to pedigrees, as all-loving

owners of friendly cross-breed know. Conversely, some cat breeds are more known for their friendly temperaments. The Bombay cat, for instance, is noted for its affectionate, playful nature on the Cat fanciers' website.


It is a case of sticking to the golden rule, catlike style, by treating the cat how you would like to be taken care of if you were them. A study conducted by the University of Vienna reveals that the more

 the attention you allocate to your pet, the more affectionate it will be in return. Of course, you already know that by now! The research, based on in-depth interpretation of how owners interact

with their revealed that if individuals spend extra time interacting with their pet, it is more likely to remember the compassion and return the favor.

Mother Love

Your little cat needs you for warmth, food, and shelter and when it curls up on your lap, it's showing its appreciation, mainly after dinner! Food's often used as a token of friendliness, and the way that a

cat and a human being relate to food is the same in nature to the interaction seen between human care-givers and pre-verbal infants.


All You Need To Know About CATS ( part 4 )

Below are amazing facts about cats that you probably never knew;

  • Can rehydrate by drinking seawater
  • A cat sweats through its paws
  • Produce a similar brain wave pattern like in humans. This means that they can dream
  • Have led to the extinction of several species
  • Ancient Egyptians killed anyone who killed a cat
  • Switzerland legalized eating of cats
  • An infected cat can cause Toxoplasmosis
  • A cat's nose is different from another, just like we humans have different fingerprints
  • The Japanese consider black cats as a sign for good luck
  • Ancient Egyptians used to shave their eyebrows when a cat died
  • An Italian tycoon leftover $ 13 million to a cat
  • A recent study shows that owning a cat reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack
  • An adult cat only meows to communicate with humans
  • Korea and Japan have cat cafes for you and your cat to hang out
  • The CIA spent over $ 20 in the 1960s training cats to spy
  • Can die from eating chocolate
  • Every year, almost four million cats are eaten in China as a delicacy
  • Are America's best pets
  • Can swallow their food without chewing
  • Make almost 100 different sounds while dogs can only make 10.
  • Have thirty-two muscles controlling their outer ear
  • Cannot taste the sweetness
  • Sleep for approximately 70 percent of their lives
  • The longest cat that was ever measured was 1.23 m when fully stretched


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