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usage policy

usage policy

Usage policy

Dear visitor

Welcome to all our dear visitors in the blog cat and dogs
There is no doubt that you are one of our top priorities, and we are keen to contact you always and to be at our best
But at first, we would like to draw your attention to some very important points that we hope you will adhere to and its rules
First: - cat and dogs is a technical blog that is interested in providing important and useful topics and explanations in this field.

You can get to know us more through about us and therefore no visitor or member is not allowed to report the following items: -

1- It is prohibited to use comments that advocate the promotion of people and organizations
2- It is strictly forbidden to harm others, whether to persons, entities, or the like

3- It is strictly forbidden to display any pornographic content or display content that is not suitable for religion
4- It is prohibited to use the blog to promote any racist or religious ideas

5- You must adhere to these conditions, so they are not subject to debate or debate
We hope everyone will adhere to these terms so that the benefit will continue for everyone
cat and dogs Site wish you all success in your life

Thanks to all

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